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7 thoughts on “Discussion

  1. If u don`t want to get that animation(marketing) of game`s logo and the “Startgame” window before client starts like in this video…:

    Then do like this:

    For marketing videos… go to VCO folder … then voyage and delete 2 videos(avi) called ” Logo ” and ” mclient “.

    And if u don`t want to get the loading window that is even before those marketings,with the big button Update – Start ( and bar,checking for any current updates,your version is the newest and bla bla bla πŸ˜› ) do like this :

    go to voyage folder again .. make shortcut for Core exe(the one that has ship pic) and cut it into desktop ( make sure no copies of shortcut will be left in voyage file) .. then right click it and go to properties.
    At the target (path),at the end of it put a “spacebar” + “$”(dollar sign) and it should look like this
    and press apply and OK.

    From now on u start the game from this new shortcut of Core that u just made!

    I just saved a bunch of your lifetime that can stack up to days! πŸ˜€


  2. For any1 that can`t use some nasty words in chat πŸ˜› .. Find these location in your PC:

    Voyage Century Online\voyage\resource\ini\window_template
    Voyage Century Online\voyage\resource\ini\window

    Find the 2 files called ” NoSpeech” .. open them with notepad and delete everything inside them ( leave them blank ) and restart game .. and then u should be able to write all words that u want in chat.
    In case it doesn’t work .. delete the 2 files completely and restart game again.

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